About Us


Special Thanks to...

Helping Paws of Southern MN and all of the volunteers and agency's that help, rescue & protect animals.

Duane Knutson for putting up with Kathy's crazy idea's and not only going along with them - but helping.


Karen Hanson for donating her decorations and assisting in putting up the decorations. 

Phillip Wright for creating and designing the Havana Lights logo.

Skjeveland Enterprises for donating the use of the containers to place the items in


My Late Parents:  Dennis & Iolla Waskosky who have encouraged and contributed to my collection.


We are Duane & Kathy Knutson.  We have been decorating for the holidays ever since we moved here in 2005.  We mainly display blow mold decorations of all kinds and over 40 snowmen, we also have 2 light displays, that dance with the music.  Each year we keep adding to our display.  It takes over 50 hours to dig everything out of storage and set it up.

We enjoy driving around looking at Christmas lights and love hearing from people who enjoys our display.

TNR (Trap Neuter Return or Re-home)

How we got involved with the Helping Paws of Southern MN.  We wanted to do our estate planning and write up a will, so we had to do some serious thinking about where we would like our estate to go.  We decided we would like to leave a portion of our estate to help animals, but we wanted to help people outside of city limits that had barn cats and needed help paying for spay & neutering.  I made a few phone calls and found the Helping Paws of Southern MN program.   They spayed & neutered our cats & found a new home for a few of our cats & kittens.  I have been working with them ever since.  Now, we are helping to foster cats until a forever home can be found. They mainly rely on donations and fund raising, that is why we are asking for a free will donation of money, dog food, cat food or Kitty litter, to help them with their efforts.  Other items to consider would be:  Toys, treats, food dish, beds or pet carriers.

Havana Lights is not responsible for inattentive driving or distractions by any driver, nor are we responsible for any damage to your vehicle, nor any personal bodily injury